Your sponsorship dollars will help micro, mini and small business owners in the following areas:

Training –  Your sponsorship will provide scholarships and discount coupons for training classes and events. Many small business owners can’t afford to attend events that will build their knowledge and broaden their networks.  Opal, QSM has training classes & networking forums planned throughout 2011. Your sponsorship will be used to provide the following resources:

  • Facilities for seminars, workshops and outreach events
  • Printed materials that compliment the oral presentations delivered by our Business Development Specialist
  • Nutritional snacks and meals that are made available to keep our workshop attendees alert and comfortable while they absorb the data and information provided during our sessions
  • Gas and other travel expenses that are incurred by the highly professional, skilled and knowledgeable presenters.  We are trying to keep our cost as low as possible but we recognize that even the most professional and adept business minded persons still need to be adequately compensated for their time and expertise.  Your sponsorship dollars help to contribute to the continued growth and development of these very special individuals.

Business Systems Development Program (BSDP) –  With the appropriate level of funding, Opal will be in a position to contribute the following to this struggling economy:

  • Enhance the level of quality in small businesses that would otherwise have limited to no means of growth and development
  • Increase the ability of these businesses to hire more employees
  • Provide jobs that include health and insurance benefits
  • Add to the development of small, local businesses by using their services and product to support the BSD Program

Growing & Developing Small Businesses – Opal forms a customer/supplier partnership with our clients as we work together to meet goals. Our representatives perform actual work that is associated with the enhancement of our client’s business systems. This work includes but is not limited to:

  • Creation and revision of procedures and supporting documentation including forms
  • Coordinating with upper management to develop goals & objectives for the entire organization
  • Developing monitoring and measurement processes that determine the level of performance to established goals and objectives.
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement and coordinating with management to plan and implement corrective action
  • Monitoring the organization for 90 days (30 day intervals) after enhancements are complete to ensure sustainability and implementing corrective actions as necessary.

Sponsorship Levels

  • OPAL: $75,000 +
  • Ruby: $50, 001 – $75,000
  • Diamond: $25,001 – $50, 000
  • Sapphire: $5,001 – 25,000
  • Topaz: $2,500 – 5,000
  • Pearl: Up To $2,500

To sponsor the Business Systems Development Program, please contact the OPAL, QSM:

Opal Quality Systems Management
1734 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Oakland, CA  94612

To Our Current 2010 –  2011 Sponsors –


You Are Appreciated By Many