The ultimate goal of the Business Systems Development Program (BSDP) is to provide services that will help small businessmen and businesswomen to grow and develop their operation to a level that will produce a more effective, efficient business partner for other commercial businesses and government agencies. Opal will achieve this by:

  • Raising the level of quality awareness within the small business arena (particularly construction)
  • Teach business owners the value of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction
  • Preparing business owners for success by providing an understanding of quality concepts and management systems that will grow and develop their organizations with proper implementation of established quality plans

With the appropriate level of funding, Opal will be in a position to contribute the following to this struggling economy:

  • Enhance the level of quality in small businesses that would otherwise have limited to no means of growth and development
  • Increase the ability of these businesses to hire more employees
  • Provide jobs that include health and insurance benefits
  • Add to the development of small, local businesses by using their services and product to support the BSD Program

Understanding that young, struggling small businesses do not have the money nor do they have the time to implement quality systems and control processes within their organizations, Opal’s BSDP services go beyond the usual training-only offerings that most organization provide. Opal forms a customer/supplier partnership with our clients as we work together to meet goals. Our representatives perform actual work that is associated with the enhancement of our client’s business systems. This work includes but is not limited to:

  • Creation and revision of procedures and supporting documentation including forms
  • Coordinating with upper management to develop goals & objectives for the entire organization
  • Developing monitoring and measurement processes that determine the level of performance to established goals and objectives.
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement and coordinating with management to plan and implement corrective action
  • Monitoring the organization for 90 days (30 day intervals) after enhancements are complete to ensure sustainability and implementing corrective actions as necessary

As the process can never be 100% seamless, the individual projects will be tailored to the culture of the organization so that there is minimal impact. This ensures a level of ownership by the organization so that management maintains accountability for the improved system.

Enhancing the level of quality within the small business arena will play a large part in decreasing operating costs at the agency and prime contractor level. Building more effective processes will increase the ability to adhere to agency and prime contractor’s requirements which in turn will:

  • Lower the costs of labor and materials used to coordinate with the business while correcting documentation and process defects
  • Decrease process lead times by reducing the number of defects that are introduced into the agency’s systems
  • Lower the risks associated with bonding and insuring small businesses

As stimulus packages roll out across the United States, we are all looking for ways to energize the economy. President Obama has asked us to help him to make a change. Opal seeks to make positive changes within the grass roots of our society by taking small businesses and potential business owners to their individual next levels. We look forward to working with you towards our endeavors by partnering to achieve success in growing and developing this economy.