The Opal, Quality Systems Management team designed and implemented the Business Systems Development Program to help small businesses grow, develop and maintain the ability to continuously improve in every area of the organization.  Many small business owners are struggling and this economy has been brutal.  As inventors, producers, organizers and creators transition from hope and dreams into entrepreneurial projects and finally graduate to an actual business license, they start to understand that there are a lot more rules, regulations and business etiquette norms than they thought.  For the even the most savvy business owner, keeping up with the “Big Boys” is difficult and many business don’t thrive and some fail completely.  The alternative – – Become A “Big Boy”.

Green Certification, 8(a) Certification, Local Agency Certifications and now…ISO Certification.  How can the micro, mini and small business owners keep up?  The problem that we see is that these businesses are provided with outreach programs and support to get business owners the information about how to become certified as a small, minority or otherwise disadvantage entity, but there is little support provided for becoming qualified to meet requirements. In the tight economic environment, small business owners find it increasingly difficult to let go of resources to increase quality levels throughout the organization.  The BSD Program experts provide the guidance, tools, information and resources that help small business owners to label themselves as strong, maturing organizations rather than handicapped entities.

The Business Systems Development Program provides owners with need more than speeches – they counseling and coaching; real work performed so that they can grow, develop and continuously improve their operations.  They need “hands on” assistance with the following:

  • Computer Technology & Tools Coaching & Training
  • Identifying process deficiencies and implementing corrective action
  • Improving Customer Satisfaction
  • Managing Documentation & Data
  • Internal Quality Auditing
  • Process Control Methods
  • Project & Quality Planning
  • RFP Responses & Bid Review
  • Supplier Management & Evaluation